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A blind isn’t really a blind without fabric, so this is a pretty important section.

There’s a big range of Roller and Vertical fabrics available wholesale, mostly taken from the Capital Collection. All the Double Roller Blind fabric collection fabrics are available as well. All available next day and with no cutting charge – you can’t get much better than that!

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Frequently asked questions:

How does antimicrobial fabric work?2022-09-01T14:11:30+01:00

Antimicrobial is an agent that seals off the surface of the fabric and stops microorganisms from penetrating it which effectively slows down their growth within the internal structure of the fabric at the smallest of scales. It’s worth underlining here that we take for granted that antimicrobial agents would kill all dangerous microbes, however, its main purpose is to stop them from penetrating and multiplying inside the fabric.

Most of the antimicrobial agents used in commercial fabrics are biocides. These biocides contain particles of silver, utilising their bio-resistant properties. Fabric treated with a biocide is protected from undesirable bacterial and fungal infection. The active agent protects the user from microorganisms for aesthetic, hygiene, or medical reasons, and protects the fabric from biodeterioration caused by mould, mildew, and fungi.

Microorganism growth in fabric causes a range of undesirable effects, not only on the fabric itself but also on the user. Some effects include the generation of unpleasant odour, fabric structural damage that reduces its mechanical strength, stains and discolouration and an increased likelihood of contamination.

A – fabric treated with an antimicrobial biocide.

B – non-antimicrobial fabric.

Which Capital Collection fabric is the best for me?2022-09-01T14:10:26+01:00

Our Capital Collection contains a staggering array of fabrics spread across 27 ranges. Each range comes with unique features, helping you to find the best solution for your space – be it commercial or residential. See the chart or click the button below it to download it.

Capital Collection Spec Cards

How many meters are on a roll of Roller Blind fabric?2022-09-01T14:07:23+01:00

Depending on the fabric range, the roll sizes vary. So, the easiest way to find out how many meters is on a roll is to head to our Trade Catalogue. In the Wholesale Fabrics section, page 310, you’ll be able to find all our fabrics grouped in ranges with all the required information. We currently have only a PDF version available. Get in touch and request a copy that includes the August price update.

Alternatively, check the Roller Blind fabric roll sizes in the tables below or download PDF.

Decorquip Roller Fabric Roll Sizes

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