We recommend avoiding aftermarket adjustments, like cutting a blind to a shorter width in particular, as there is always a risk of damaging the product. However, if a blind is too wide because of a mismeasurement or another reason that makes it entirely redundant then there’s nothing to lose! We’d suggest tightly securing the blind and making a quick clean cut with a chop saw but, as you can imagine, there are many factors including the composition of the hardware and fabric type that could lead to damage.

Can we cut it down for you?

If the error is ours, we will absolutely do whatever is necessary to ensure you are provided with the blinds you need and in perfect condition. If not, then the cost becomes prohibitive. On an average blind, you can expect labour to make up approximately 40% of the cost. This coupled with delivery costs to and from our workshop and the fact that the blind probably won’t come out of the equation in a particularly good condition, means we will usually decline to cut your blinds down.