Faux Wood Venetian Slats

Faux wood venetian blinds are made from composite materials such as vinyl and PVC, making them very durable. The level of detail means that they look very similar to genuine wooden blinds, but at a more affordable cost – leaving your clients with the simple choice of choosing the slat size, instead of considering the price.

Our collection contains a range of 13 toned colours with slats at 38, 50 & 63mm.

Highshine White 50mm
Snow White 38, 50 & 63mm
Cool White 38 & 50mm
Chiffon 50mm
Cirrus 50mm
Greige 50mm
Astral 50mm
Misty Grey 50mm
Flint 50mm
Haze 50mm
Autumn Gold 50mm
Medium Oak 50mm
Rustic Oak 50mm
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