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So what is it all this about? What do we do with your feedback? What’s the point? Let’s start at the top.

What is this survey and how does it work?

At Decorquip, we implement a system called Net Promoter Score or NPS that measures customer experience in a very simple way. By allowing customers to score us simply and honestly from 0 to 10, we can see how we’re doing on an index that is utilised by some of the biggest names in business, from Apple to Lloyds Bank. For more on NPS and how it works, visit

What do we do with your feedback?

As soon as a survey is submitted, the results and any comments you may have provided are given to our Customer Care team for analysis. Any specific comments or queries are addressed on a case-by-case basis and more casual suggestions and recommendations are pushed to the relevant teams within the company for review. The numeric scores are added to a live metric that is reviewed weekly – ensuring that this score is kept at an industry-leading level actually serves as one of the primary targets for the company as a whole.

What’s the point?

We put this question to Peter Ford, our Sales & Marketing Director and this is what he had to say:

“NPS is the acid test of customer service and for us, as a company that focuses on wow service, NPS is the most strident and accurate way of measuring our performance. If you’re asking about NPS, that’s the answer. If you’re asking why we ask for feedback, that’s a totally different answer. It’s the feedback that people give us that drives us forward. As we say, ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’. The only way we know what to improve, or what to keep doing and do even better, is through customer feedback”.

What’s next?

We’re keen to put our money where our mouth is. If we’re claiming to have the best customer service in the business, we should be able to prove it, right? In an upcoming project, we’ll be publishing our NPS results as often as we can to show you how we’re doing. Watch this space or, if you haven’t already, sign up for regular email updates.