Fenchurch is a very special roller blind screen fabric that adds high performance to the style of Capital Collection.

Thanks to its metallised backing, Fenchurch has a solar reflection of up to 76%. This means it does a world leading job of reflecting solar heat energy away from a window, keeping rooms cool and comfortable in even the hottest of months.

What makes Fenchurch even more special when compared to other fabrics focused on solar reflection is how the properties apply to all of the seven colours available from black through to white – without diminishing the visual transmittance. So clients no longer need to opt for a darker colour to be able to see through their blinds when the sun is at its brightest.

The fabric is available up to 2350mm in width, with two openness factors to choose from – 2% and 5%.

Seven neutral colours to choose from:

Southbank Mist
Southbank Slate
Southbank Charcoal
Southbank Ecru
Southbank Taupe
Southbank Black
Southbank Specifications

Download a digital copy of the Fenchurch spec card for more details, or order a hard copy to get a hands on experience with the fabric samples.

What does ‘Solar Reflection’ mean?

What does ‘Solar Reflection’ mean and is 76% good? Our video explains how fabrics with solar reflective properties work to protect users and their spaces from heat as well bright light, comparing some of the most popular and effective fabrics on the market.

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