Did you know that we, at Decorquip, have a proprietary collection of curtain and Roman blind fabrics – our aptly named Roman Blind & Curtain Collection? Or that we also accept a customer’s own fabrics in making our curtains and Roman blinds? Probably. But did you know we can also source fabrics from a huge range of suppliers on your behalf?

I have to confess that, despite my years in TeamDQ, I still have gaps in my product knowledge. This is usually fine for my day-to-day work – It’s best that I keep on top of things so I can share information with customers – but my limited understanding is unlikely to have a negative impact on our customers or their clients.

That said, when I discover something that I believe hasn’t been given enough attention, especially if that’s my fault, I try to spread the word. So, here is my super quick rundown of our capacity to utilise fabrics from other fabric suppliers, particularly curtain and Roman blind fabrics.


How does it work?

In case I’ve not been clear on this yet, the provision of third-party fabrics is primarily for use in our Made-to-Measure service. I’m not here to point you in the direction of other suppliers (especially when our own Roman & Curtain Collection is so good!), we appreciate that the window blinds can be a very personal choice, especially if they’re for the home. So, we want to make sure whatever blinds or curtains you get from us are exactly what was wanted, not just what was available.

If you or a client has a certain fabric in mind and you’d like us to include it in production, just let us know when placing an order. It’s that simple. We will take care of the rest – checking on availability, cost, lead times, etc on your behalf. You can rest assured that our Customer Care team will tick all the boxes and make sure your order is handled flawlessly. Leaving you time to get to whatever is most important!

Who do we work with?

Roman blind and curtain fabrics stand out from those available for other types of window shading. They are versatile, tactile, and not always produced with a single purpose in mind. That makes many many fabric suppliers a potential supplier for Roman blinds and curtains.

Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships with many brands – working with suppliers here in the UK, mainland EU and even further afield in the wider world. We do have some favourites that we can trust and, of course, we love to work with local UK suppliers where we can. However, we do our best to source fabrics from whichever supplier you wish.

However, if you’re looking for an unofficial seal of approval, this is a short and non-exclusive collection (in no particular order) of some of the brands we’re currently working with:


Why go through Decorquip?

If you’d rather purchase directly from a fabric supplier, we’re completely happy for you to do so. You can have the fabric shipped directly to our workshop or forward it on from another address. Whichever is most convenient for you. This will be considered a Customer’s Own Fabric for pricing – see the pricing tables in our Trade Catalogue for more info.


However, some suppliers, as you will know, have different processes in place that can make actually purchasing a product quite difficult. That could be credit checks, hours of paperwork, minimum spend limits, or even some kind of fee. This is not so bad if you’re looking for an ongoing business relationship but probably excessively awkward if you’re after a single cut length. And that’s where we can come into the equation and help.

If you’ve chosen Decorquip to produce a Roman blind or curtain, it may well be quicker and easier for you to let us source the fabric directly by just letting us know when submitting your order. However, whatever is best for you, is best for us!

Why don’t we stick to our own fabrics?

In theory, I should keep this info under my hat. It would be great for us if all our customers were to utilise our own fabrics all of the time. And I’m certainly not here to sell the idea of fabrics from third party suppliers. But we believe in making buying blinds enjoyable so when a client falls in love with a fabric, who are we to get in the way?

We hope that our commitment to quality will shine through in production values and customer service more than any fabric. So, even if you break our hearts a little every time you opt for a fabric from elsewhere, we can still take pride in providing a blind or curtain that meets the Decorquip standard.


How about pricing?

This is where my knowledge is REALLY letting you all down. The short version is that we match cost up to our own pricing bands to gauge an appropriate price. The longer and more accurate version is currently more complicated than I can explain here in this blog!

With varying delivery costs, minimum spends and the such applied to any order, we can’t ever be sure of a final price until we have approached the suppliers for costs. Each project will generate a bespoke quote so, whilst there won’t be any nasty surprises you’ll have complete visibility before authorisation.

And that’s all I have for now. It’s something I will be exploring in the new year so watch this space for more content on the subject.