The Dream Range of motors and accessories has changed how users’ relationships with their blinds – allowing for as much or as little engagement as they wish. One such accessory that allows users to relinquish control is the Sun Sensor. It works on a simple premise: automatically closing blinds when the sun is too bright and closing them as soon as the situation changes.

Adhering directly to the inner pane of the window, the Sun Sensor does pretty much what you’d expect – senses the sun. The clever part is that it pairs to one of our Dream motors, instructing the blind to react to the intensity of the sunlight. There are 4 sensitivities to choose from so you can get the settings just right for each window/blind. Once the light intensity exceeds or falls below the chosen threshold, the motor will react.


Being paired directly with a Dream motor, the Sun Sensor operates completely independently from the DreamHub. However, it can certainly work alongside it, supporting the scenes and routines that may have already been established.

e.g. If a user has set up a scene that simply instructs a blind to open and close at sunrise and sunset every day, the Sun Sensor would add another layer of intelligence during that daytime so the blind react to those sporadic periods of intense sunlight and glare, until the DreamHub instructs it to close for the night at sunset.


The standard Sun Sensor is compatible with the new and improved generation of Dream Motors and we are holding stock of alternative sensors that will work with the 1st gen. If you have any questions or concerns over this, we’ll be happy to help you with picking the right sensors for your motors.