Honeycell Pleated Fabric DecorquipHoneycell Pleated Fabric Decorquip

With their special honeycomb structure, Honeycell blinds create an effective insulating barrier at your windows. This alone provides a whole host of features that clients can passively benefit from every day. Here is a list of them. Read on.

Energy Saving

The pockets of air found in each of the honeycombs serve to insulate a window – keeping summer heat from entering a room through the windows and, conversely, trapping heat indoors during the colder months.

Blackout Options

Blackout fabrics take the primary purpose for window blinds to their ultimate conclusion. The total blackout effect may not be for everyone but it’s easy to see its utility, so no matter the fabric or the blind type, we’re always keen to ensure that there’s at least one blackout option available. So, it should go without saying that the new range of Honeycell fabrics does indeed include blackout variants.

Diffused Light

Opt for a lighter coloured fabric and you’ll see that the twin sheets that come together to form the honeycomb structure diffuse light brilliantly. This makes for a pleasant illumination no matter how bright that winter sun may be. It also reduces glare on screens, be they TVs or other devices. With so many working from home now, this can be a game-changer if a client is looking to fit a (perhaps unofficial) office.

Noise Reduction

To an extent, virtually any window blind will provide some level of insulation from ambient noise outside the window. This may be negligible for most fabrics but, because of that honeycomb design again, Honeycell fabrics do an excellent job of suppressing noise from outside and even dampening indoor noise that would otherwise reflect off the window back into a room. It may be a feature to stake your sales pitch on, but it certainly helps to make a space a little softer and more peaceful.

Honeycell Book

Honeycell Collection Book

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