Everyone knows how a motorised blind works – press a button, it goes up or down. However, this simple premise isn’t enough for your clients to overcome their trepidations and get on board. I’ve asked Peter Ford for some tips. He has been selling blinds for nearly 20 years and explains that the key is to get a firm grasp of the real benefits that motorisation brings. He also shares 5 essential selling points that help him effectively offer motorised blinds.

Ease of use and time-saving

Offering motorised blinds for your clients can really make their lives easier and save them time. Especially for a house with a greater number of windows. Let’s say it’s between 15 and 25. If one of the blinds takes a minute to open and close, walking to and from, that might take up to 25 minutes a day – 25 minutes of your day wasted!

Not to mention the noise chain operated blinds make or dealing with tangled up chains. It’s just frustrating. Whereas with motorised blinds, particularly using the DreamHub, with timers and scenes, this can all happen automatically. Busy parents going out to work can have all the blinds open with a voice or a click of a button or even when they’re already at work if they’ve forgotten.


When it comes to security, again, including the DreamHub is always a good idea. Going away for the weekend or on holidays you’ll be able to set up timers or scenes, then program your blinds so for instance, they go up and down at the same time every day or control them with your smartphone using the Connector app.

They can also be linked to sunrise and sunset which is even better because then it’s far more real-life. So when it gets dark earlier, the blinds close earlier and likewise, in the summer, your blinds won’t go down when it’s still light outside. That’s a massive deterrent for criminals as it makes it appear that someone is in the house.

Solar protection

Using products like Sun Sensor, or setting up scenes on the Connector app, we can protect expensive furniture, flooring, carpets or even a painting on the wall that is very sensitive to light. These are fairly major concerns for people as most household items exposed to strong, direct sunlight will fade or get damaged gradually.

If you spent a lot of money on the floor or furniture, you don’t want them to be damaged by the sunlight and obviously, your blinds are your protection against that. So if you’re not in the house in the heat of the day and the sunlight comes through the clouds in and out, the Sun Sensor will keep moving the blinds up or down accordingly to protect your furniture. Learn more about our Sun Sensor here.

Child safety

Motorised blinds are of course inherently child safe so there’s no chance of injury or strangulation to our children. Standard operated blinds require additional devices to eliminate the danger which is probably the biggest problem, the child-safety products are often frustrating to use.

With breakaways or difficult to operate P-Clip causing constant returns to site, there’s always going to be a temptation to break the rules. We hear sometimes that even homeowners remove these devices, putting the little ones at risk. Whereas with motorisation, we know that it’s safe by design, so your clients get compliant products, free from the hassle of dealing with safety devices or operating chains.


Everybody likes a gadget and everybody loves style – motorised blinds are both. They look very sleek and modern as they don’t utilise ugly operating chains coming out of them and there are no P-clips on the wall. Imagine, you have friends in the house and the blinds start moving automatically. That’s really classy, isn’t it?

If you spend a lot of money on a refurb of a house or expensive bifold doors for instance, why would you want to cheapen that with some cut-down, ready-made, chain operated blinds? We often say it’s all about the finishing touch, the window is the focal point of the room, the light source. So you want to dress it as well as you can, in style. Make your window the catwalk and elevate the looks of your space.

Additionally, there are hundreds of stylish fabrics available for any motorised blind type and if you combine that with our Capital Fascia, you can be sure to provide an amazing product and satisfy the most discerning of your clients.