80s style is making a comeback. The reintroduction of chunky furniture, flashy pops of colour, and Memphis design make vertical blinds a perfect fit in the trend – with their minimalistic hanging louvres, huge range of colours and finishes, and variety of ultra-modern headrail options, recently they have become a popular window shading option for modern home or office.

However, unless you offer motorised Vertical Blinds, the manually operated option comes with cords and chains, posing danger to children or pets, and the prospect of swinging and tangled louvres can eventually turn your client’s interest away. It’s important to make them aware of what can be offered to make their blinds safe and easy to operate.

Are Vertical Blinds safe for children?

The best option to ensure your Verticals are safe is to offer motorised options, however, if this isn’t available or your client prefers manual control, wand operated Vertical Blind is as safe for children and pets. There are no hanging loops of chain or cord as the louvres are being drawn and turned by an operating wand. If this option isn’t for your clients either, ensure your chain-controlled Vertical Blinds are supplied compliant with Child-Safety regulations with controls made to regulated measurements and equipped with a chain and cord tensioner that will keep the controls close to the wall and out of children’s reach.

Safety Device

Are Vertical Blinds safe for pets?

Most vertical blinds utilise the bottom chain that keeps all louvres attached together in the bottom to make them all move across the window. The chain can pose a threat to pets and even crawling toddlers as it gets tangled easily and can wrap around the neck. But even if there are no children or cats and dogs to worry about, that tangled-up bottom chain can cause the louvres to stack together making a blind difficult to operate. Instead of standard louvre bottom weights, consider offering Vertical Blinds fitted with Chainless Bottom Weights. It’s a relatively new option available for Vertical Blinds that eliminates the use of the bottom chain, therefore the threat of harm, making your blinds much safer and easier to operate.

Louvres with bottom chain

Louvres with chainless weights

Unchain your verticals

Find out more about Chainless Bottom Weights in the video where Marcin explains all the perks of using them.

How can I keep Vertical Blind louvres from swinging in the wind?

One of the biggest problems users have with vertical blinds is that their louvres can tend to swing and get tangled. This problem is often exacerbated in the summer months when windows are more likely to be open. it’s annoying, prevents the blinds from fulfilling their purpose, and eventually will damage the louvres. There’s a simple solution to solve it – offer a louvretie. Louvretie it’s a device that binds the louvres together to the wall so they’re neatly tucked away, letting your clients have their windows open so they can enjoy the view and fresh air without the louvres making the noise and getting tangled up. Lovreties can come in different shapes and colours to match fabrics, hardware, or walls. One of the most interesting options available is Louvretie with Safety Device which combines the best of two worlds – child safety and ease of use. Additionally, it’s easy to install as it doesn’t require any screws or drilling, it can be fitted with a self-adhesive pad.

Standard Louvretie

From blinds that sway to blinds that stay

Watch how easy it is to solve the problem of Vertical Blind louvers swinging in the wind.

Are Vertical Blinds antimicrobial?

Conscious interior design is now more important than ever and window blinds made from antimicrobial components can help create healthier interiors. So, using antimicrobial fabrics like Capital Collection Quad and antimicrobial copper-coated operating chains will help you render your Vertical Blinds almost 100% microbe-resistant, not only eliminating undesirable effects on clients but also extending the lifespan of any blind.

Healthy indoor spaces. How antimicrobial fabrics really work.

Here is all you need to know about antimicrobial fabrics.

Of course, if you have any more questions about Vertical Blinds or would like help with solving any problems, our Customer Care team is here to help so please do get in touch. It’s what we’re here for.