Having a fly in your soup is a distressing experience

 It’s worth making an effort to keep them out of our buildings (and soup!), and that’s where our Insect Screens come in handy. There are several different options, so let your clients take their pick.

Cassetted Insect Screens

  • 10-day turnaround
  • 5-year warranty
  • Hardware is available in four different models
  • For larger screens, a slow-up spring is recommended, at £15/blind which gives smoother, more controlled operation
  • All screens are recess fitting
  • Minimum recess depth is 50mm
  • Cannot be face-fixed
Recessed Vertical Spring
Recessed Vertical Spring
Recessed Vertical Chain
Recessed Lateral Spring

Maximum & minimum sizes

Maximum Cassette Size Minimum Cassette Size Maximum Side Channel Size Minimum Side Channel Size
2400mm 380mm 2400mm* 300mm

*Beyond 1650mm in width or side channel, Double Lateral Screens will be used. Maximum side channel size for Double Lateral Screens is 4000mm.

Fixed Insect Screens

Fixed Insect screen
  • 10-day turnaround
  • 5-year warranty
  • Screen hardware is available in white.
  • Face-fix only
  • Available with hinged brackets or magnetic brackets. Not recommended for use as doors.

Maximum & minimum sizes

Maximum Width Minimum Width Maximum Drop Minimum Drop
1500mm 300mm 1500mm 300mm