Do your clients have bi-fold doors or compact spaces where you might struggle to find a blind to fit? Then the slimline INTU Micro Pleated system has been designed for you.

With a smaller fabric pleat size, you can choose from a range of Pleated and Hive which can be used in both bi-fold doors and windows, requiring a more compact blind option.

To give you complete peace of mind, the system is also entirely child safe.

  • Ten working day turnaround
  • 5-year warranty
  • Inherently child safe
  • Fits into window beading quick and easy, no screws required.
  • Choose from white, brown and anthracite components to match PVC, aluminium or wooden frames for that premium finish.
  • Multi-zone option available at no extra cost – specify when placing your order.
  • Bead Fit and Guided Bead Fit options available. The Guided Bead Fit option is an excellent match for bi-folding doors – side cords keep the blind in position while the doors are open.
Pleated Collection Book 2021

Intu Micro Fabrics

INTU Micro is recommended to be used with Infusion asc Micro, Ribbons asc Micro and Hive Micro fabrics due to the smaller 16mm pleat size. These fabrics also benefit from having the same energy-efficient properties as their standard 20mm ranges.

DQ Pleated Blind Fabric Collection

Infusion ASC Micro

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Ribbons ASC Micro

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Hive Micro

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Measuring and fitting

Measure the glass size only. For the blind width measure at 3 different points as shown in the diagram and use the smallest measurement.

Ensure all measurements are within specifications stated in the table below.

Max. Glass Width Min. Glass Width Max. Glass Drop Min. Glass Drop Max. Area Max. Bead Depth Min. Bead Depth
1400mm 150mm 200mm 100mm 1.5sqm 27mm 11mm
PDF INTU Micro Pleated Blind Survey Instructions
PDF INTU Micro Pleated Blind Fitting Instructions

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