Bottom Bars

We currently offer 5 different bottom bar finishes to choose from at no extra cost – simply specify when placing your order.

Straight Sewn Bottom Bar is supplied as standard.

Not all fabrics are suitable for covering both sides of the Straight Covered and Covered Senses options. Front only will be supplied as standard.
If you require both sides to be covered, please specify. As long as the fabric thickness allows, it won’t be a problem.

Bottom Bar Options

Straight Sewn Bottom Bar

Available in white or clear

Straight Covered Bottom Bar

Available in white. Front only covered as standard. Contact us about fully covered. If only fabric thickness allowing, we’ll confirm that we can do it. Maximum width 3000mm.

Covered Senses Bottom Bar

Available with the same profile and end cap colours as the Senses fascia options below.
Not available with thicker fabrics. Maximum width 3000mm.

Exposed Senses Bottom Bar

Available with the same profile and end cap colours as the Senses fascia options below.

Exposed Round Bottom Bar

Available in white or anodised silver.

Senses Fascias

The Senses Fascia is a superb way to finish the top of a Roller Blind. It gives a real touch of class!

  • Chain operation is supplied as standard. The Senses fascia uses a 32mm tube.
  • Sewn bottom bar supplied as standard, or you can upgrade to Senses bottom bar at no extra charge.
  • Senses fascias will add 40mm to the blind size.
  • Thicker fabrics may not be suitable for long drops (over 2000mm drop).
  • Bear in mind that it is extremely difficult to ever take down a Senses fascia face fixed in a recess, and you can’t have the blinds reverse rolled!

Fascia Max & Min sizes

Operation Type Maximum Width Minimum Width Maximum Drop Minimum Drop Tube Size
Senses 38 Battery Motor 2400mm 596mm 2100mm 300mm 38mm
Senses Chain Operated 2400mm 300mm 2400mm 300mm 32mm
Senses Spring Operated 2400mm 750mm 2400mm 300mm 32mm
Fascia Colours
Gunmetal Grey
Fascia End Cap Colours
Black Chrome
Brushed Steel
Brushed Bronze

Roller Blind Shapes

Stay in shape and provide a practical and stylish finish to any roller blind.

We currently offer 11 different Shapes which are available with a wide range of finishes: Eyelets, Contrasting Bottom Bars, Braid and Pelmets.

Shape A
Shape B
Shape D
Shape J
Shape K
Shape L
Shape N
Shape O
Shape P
Shape Q
Shape R