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Our Made-to-Measure Motorised Roller Blinds service makes ordering with us even easier

  • 10-day turnaround 
  • 5-year warranty
  • Blinds supplied preprogrammed and ready to fit
  • User-friendly written and video instructions
  • Expert in-house telephone backup and support for your peace of mind
Smart Home Intergration

Our remotely operated motors are compatible with the DreamHub, meaning you can upgrade at any time and integrate with systems like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home.


Our motorised roller blinds are fitted using standard brackets – just like a traditional chain operated blind.

Technical Support & Backup

Decorquip has an experienced telephone support team that can help you with any questions or issues you may have. To give you peace of mind, all of our motors have a 5-year warranty.

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Control Options
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Solar Panels

Frequently asked questions:

What is the cable length on 55mm Mains Motors?2022-09-01T15:08:38+01:00

Our current stock of motors the cable is 5 meters long, But this may change if we change supplier.

How loud are motorised blinds?2022-09-01T15:07:40+01:00
What amp fuse do I need for mains powered Roller blinds?2022-09-01T15:05:56+01:00

As a rule of thumb, fuses are rated according to the power rating of the appliance and appliances rated up to about 700 watts should have a 3-amp fuse.

The rated current of motors used in our mains powered blinds is 0.53-0.63 Amp, and they have a power rating of between 121-155W.

So, if you use a cable plug or connect up to 4 motorised blinds to a spur a 3 amp fuse will be sufficient to protect the cabling and motor or motors. If you run more than 4 blinds off a single spur use a 5 amp fuse.

Will my mains powered motorised blind cable come fitted with a plug and fuse?2022-09-01T15:04:38+01:00

Plugs are typically pre-fitted to portable appliances and devices (e.g. lamps, kettles, toasters etc) whereas a blind, once installed, remains in situ and is not portable. For this reason, the power cable of the mains powered blind motor that we supply does not come fitted with a plug or fuses. When planning for the installation of mains powered blinds, it is normal to connect the blind cable directly to a switched fused spur. Installation of the fused spur and connection of the blind to the fused spur would normally be carried out by an electrician.

How do I know when my USB battery roller blind is fully charged?2022-09-15T11:11:22+01:00

1.Motor Indicator 

Whilst charging your Dream Range USB Battery Motor an indicator light on the motor shows whether the battery is fully charged or still charging. See below.

* This function can be turned ON/OFF by holding the DOWN button on a remote for 5sec.

2.Connector App

If you’re using the DreamHub with Connector App to control your Dream Range blinds from your smartphone, you can also monitor the battery charge level in the app.

Motorisation in minutes

Video and written Dream Range instructions

Dream Range Video Programming Instructions – Watch

No matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie around motorisation, these programming videos are sure to help you out. Especially when time is tight, the pressure is on and clients are watching!

PDF Dream Range User Guide – Download

The guide is available for everyone to download and we encourage you to share it with your clients.
Just hit the button, download or print the guide, and become a Dream Range motorisation expert in minutes.

Bottom bar options

We currently offer 5 different bottom bar finishes to choose from at no extra cost – simply specify when placing your order.

Straight Sewn Bottom Bar is supplied as standard.

Not all fabrics are suitable for covering both sides of the Straight Covered and Covered Senses options. Front only will be supplied as standard.
If you require both sides to be covered, please specify. As long as the fabric thickness allows, it won’t be a problem.

Straight Sewn Bottom Bar

Available in white or clear

Straight Covered Bottom Bar

Available in white. Front only covered as standard. Contact us about fully covered. If only fabric thickness allowing, we’ll confirm that we can do it. Maximum width 3000mm.

Covered Senses Bottom Bar

Available with the same profile and end cap colours as the Senses fascia options below.
Not available with thicker fabrics. Maximum width 3000mm.

Exposed Senses Bottom Bar

Available with the same profile and end cap colours as the Senses fascia options below.

Exposed Round Bottom Bar

Available in white or anodised silver.

Capital Fascia

Motorised Roller Blinds with Capital FasciaMotorised Roller Blinds with Capital Fascia close up

Finish your Roller Blinds with style

Fashion may be subject to change but style certainly isn’t. Built with sleek, premium materials, the modular components of our Capital Fascia provide a practical and stylish finish to any blind (or blinds) in any environment. Match it with a complimentary fabric from the Capital Collection for a truly polished composition.

New Capital 90 Fascia and side profiles are now available.

Explore Capital Fascia

Senses Fascia and accessories 

A touch of class – from top to bottom! 

The Senses Fascia with accessories it’s a perfect way to finish off your motorised roller blinds.

Learn more

Fascia Max & Min sizes

Product Maximum Width Minimum Width Maximum Drop Minimum Drop Tube Size
Roller 38 Battery Motor 2400mm 596mm 2100mm 300mm 38mm

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