Roman XL Headrail

XL Roman Blind accommodates a much bigger headrail than standard Romans. Instead of using a tilt rod, the cord is spooled on a hexagonal tube that sits inside the headrail. These features make the blind a solid and powerful construction, therefore an ideal option for bigger windows in commercial and residential spaces alike.

  • Experienced in-house technical support
  • Supports smart home integration via the DreamHub and the Connector app.
  • Bi-directional Roman Blind Motor
  • Selection of controls
  • 5-year product guarantee
  • Ten working day lead time

Max & Min sizes

Motor Type Maximum Width Minimum Width Maximum Drop Minimum Drop Lifting Capacity
Battery 3550mm 770mm 5500mm 300mm 13.3 kg
Mains 3550mm 640mm 5500mm 300mm 26.7 kg

XL Roman Headrial comes with the motor and control which will have to be selected. We have a range of controls available so you can accommodate any of your clients’ requirements.

If ordering your blinds with a remote or wall switch, they will come already paired.

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Control options
Control Options
Power Options
Solar Panels

It’s time to integrate your Roman Blinds into your smart home, with the DreamHub (Pro or Mini) – a wireless home hub that allows you to operate up to 30 blinds with your phone or your favourite virtual assistant. Build scenes, routines and experiment with IFTTT applets, or just open the blinds in the morning with the swipe of a finger. It’s up to you. Take control.