Senses Vertical Headrail with wandSenses Vertical Blinds from Decorquip

Match or mix colours to compliment the spaceĀ 

Senses is a premium product packed with enhanced features, offering a sleek range of colour options including, Black, Gunmetal Grey, Silver, Bronze, White and Cream alongside corresponding endcap colours for that high end finish.

  • Ten days turnaround
  • Chain or wand operation available (wand colour matched to headrail)
  • Louvres proportionately spaced as standard

Headrail colour options


Senses Vertical HR White


Senses Vertical HR Cream


Senses Vertical HR Silver

Gunmetal Grey

Senses Vertical HR Gunmetal Grey


Senses Vertical HR Black

End Cap colour options

End Cap – White

Senses Vertical HR White End Cap

End Cap – Cream

Senses Vertical HR Cream End Cap

End Cap – Chrome

End Cap – Black Chrome

End Cap Senses Verts-Black Chrome

End Cap – Brushed Steel

Senses Vertical HR Chrome End Cap

Perfect marriage

The blind is only as good as the fabric you choose. Combine Senses headrail with our Capital Collection fabrics and provide a superb window finish, from top to bottom, reminding your clients that verticals can be as fabulous as any other blind type.

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