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Does the app for Eve MotionBlinds show the motors battery level?2023-04-28T12:59:44+01:00

Yes, it does.  It will also warn you on the app when the blind starts getting low.

Are 38 and 45 Eve MotionBlinds motors battery powered?2023-04-28T12:52:15+01:00

Yes, both are battery motors.

Can I set the limits on the pull or remote for Eve MotionBlinds?2023-04-28T12:49:09+01:00

Yes, you can with both on the 38mm Motor.  It’s very simple and we have a YouTube video with guidance on how to do this. Setting limits on the 45mm motor can only be done via the app or by a remote.

How to setup and program an Eve MotionBlinds roller blind – video

Do I need a remote to operate Eve MotionBlinds?2023-04-28T12:32:26+01:00

No, blinds powered by Eve MotionBlinds motor don’t need a remote to be operated. However, if a hand-held remote is your desired way of controlling your blinds a Hand-held 15 Channel Remote is one of the options.

Can I set up schedules for Eve MotionBlinds without a HomePod or Apple TV?2023-04-28T12:15:12+01:00

Yes – all data is stored on the motor so you can set up the schedules without a hub and they will still run even if you take the phone away from the home.

What’s the difference between USB-C and DC charger?2023-02-27T09:28:57+00:00

USB-C and DC chargers are both used to charge electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and motorised window blinds. However, there are some key differences between the two that are important to understand.


USB-C chargers are generally more portable than DC chargers. USB-C chargers are often smaller and lighter than DC chargers, making them easier to carry around. DC chargers, on the other hand, are often bulkier and heavier due to their larger size.

Charging Speed

USB-C chargers typically offer faster charging speeds than DC chargers. USB-C chargers can provide up to 100 watts of power, which is significantly higher than the typical 65 watts that DC chargers offer. This means that USB-C chargers can charge your device more quickly than DC chargers.


USB-C chargers are more versatile than DC chargers. USB-C is a universal charging standard that can be used to charge a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and motorised window blinds now. DC chargers are often specific to a particular device or brand and may not work with other devices.

How Are Smart Blinds Powered?2023-02-09T13:45:17+00:00

Smart blinds can be powered by line voltage, low voltage, battery, and solar power. Each power source has benefits and downsides.

Learn more here

Can I control Eve MotionBlinds with my Android phone?2022-12-21T16:14:48+00:00

Currently, all shading powered by Eve MotionBlinds can only be controlled via handsets, Apple HomeKit, or the MotionBlinds app on iOS.

An upcoming Matter launch and subsequent firmware that will be pushed automatically to all Eve MotionBlinds motors as soon as it is available will allow operation from Android devices and more.

Learn more about Thread and Matter

What finish options are available for Roller Blinds powered by Eve MotionBlinds?2022-12-19T09:27:08+00:00

Voice, phone app, manual pull, or remote control. Roller Blinds powered by Eve Motion motors are innovative with their unrivaled ease of use and smart home connectivity, but also come with a range of corresponding bracket, pull control and motor cover colours, and different pull chain styles, giving you the opportunity to build blinds that are cohesive aesthetically. Mix and match finish options with different fabrics to impress your residential or commercial clients.

Eve Motion Bracket Set

Sets are available in 7 different plastic and metal colours for that cohesive and stylish finish.

Plastic Bracket Set





Metal Bracket Set



Black Nickel

Stainless Steel

Eve Motion Pull Chain

Eve Motion Pulls utilise No.10 Operating Chain, metal or plastic. With a wide range of chains available, you can mix and match them with different bracket set colour options.

Chain options
What’s the Eve MotionBlinds bracket dimensions?2022-09-24T16:05:37+01:00
Can I use Eve MotionBlinds if I don’t have Thread?2022-09-15T14:44:52+01:00

Yes, Eve MotionBlinds motors also utilise Bluetooth to communicate with your Apple device, however, your blinds may be slightly slower to respond, and you’ll need to stay within a range of 10m from the blind. Any preprogrammed options such as scenes or routines won’t be affected as they’re stored on the motor.

Can I operate Eve MotionBlinds away from home?2022-09-15T11:36:32+01:00

Yes, however, because you’re outside the Bluetooth or Thread range it will require a home hub such as HomePod or Apple TV (4th generation or later) to act as a bridge between a blind/blinds and your iPhone or iPad.

What are the bottom bar options available for Eve MotionBlinds?2022-09-09T14:18:58+01:00
Straight Sewn Bottom Bar

Available in white or clear

Straight Covered Bottom Bar

Available in white. Front only covered as standard. Contact us about fully covered. If only fabric thickness allowing, we’ll confirm that we can do it.

Covered Senses Bottom Bar
Exposed Senses Bottom Bar
Exposed Round Bottom Bar

Available in white or anodised silver with white or grey end caps.

Covered Senses Bottom Bar – Flush

Available with white end caps.

Can I operate Eve MotionBlinds with a remote?2022-09-09T13:34:49+01:00

Yes, Eve MotionBlinds can be operated with a Hand-held 15 Channel Remote.

Do I need a remote to operate Eve MotionBlinds?2022-06-20T14:05:16+01:00

No, Eve MotionBlinds come with a pull control as standard, just a simple pull automatically sets the blind in motion and overrides smart controls. Otherwise, it can be operated directly from your iPhone.

Learn more about Eve MotionBlinds here

Does Eve MotionBlinds work with Alexa?2022-09-07T12:14:13+01:00

Currently, when operated independently of a MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge, Eve MotionBlinds cannot connect directly to third-party services such as Amazon’s Alexa. Voice control is available via Siri on Apple devices.

When connected to a MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge, Eve MotionBlinds become compatible with all major third-party smart home and home automation providers, including:

Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Home Assistant
Homey Pro

Also, a new smart home protocol, Matter, has been developed, and is expected to launch at the end of 2022. Eve MotionBlinds motors will be Matter certified and work directly with all leading smart home systems with no need for a Wi-Fi bridge.

Learn more about Eve MotionBlinds here

Which blinds can I order with Eve MotionBlinds?2022-06-20T14:24:15+01:00

The blind type powered by Eve MotionBlinds are 38mm Roller Blinds at the moment. A new motor for 45mm Roller Blinds and XL Roman Blinds will be available soon.

Learn more about Eve MotionBlinds here

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