Motorisation Made Easy

First things first. The motors themselves.

We now offer a much smaller range of motors but they are all quieter and smarter than ever before. All available wholesale or as part of your made-to-measure blinds.




Pleated Blind Motor

Let’s start simple. If you’re looking for a motor for your own blinds, the aptly named Pleated Blind Motor will be the only one available. If you purchase a motorised pleated blind, you’ll find this inside. Almost identical to the old pleated motor – just smarter.


Roman Blind Motor

Pretty much the same situation, and motor, as above except the Roman Blind Motor comes with different fixings to fit the Roman headrails.

When it comes to larger, heavier blinds made-to-measure blinds, we’d recommend you upgrade to the XL Roman headrails. When adding motorisation to these, you’ll find we actually employ the Roller 45 Mains/Battery Motor to utilise the extra power. More on those soon.


Roller Blind Motors

This is where the simplification really kicks in. Replacing all existing roller motors comes a complete range of new, quieter motors, all with bi-directional functionality. And they all have foolproof names. The pared-down range makes choosing the right motor as simple as possible – just match the motor to the tube size you’re using and pick the best power option for your client. Eg. A blind built on a 45mm tube will utilise either the Roller 45 Mains Motor or Roller 45 Battery Motor.




Quick overview on this one.

The power options for the new motors work just as they always have with one exception:

An internal investigation discovered that two-thirds of all battery chargers and power adapters were sold with extension leads and, anecdotally, we were hearing that the other third of customers were wishing they had said extension leads when trying to install and charge batteries on-site. So, to remedy this, all battery chargers and power adapters now include a 3-metre extension lead as standard so you’ll never get ‘caught short’ again!




It’s fair to say the number of control options we had amassed over the years had gotten out of control and become a little confusing. The 2019 edition of the catalogue contained 10+ control options and a few of them hardly ever sold.

With the new bi-directional motors requiring a new control option, we took advantage of the situation and pared the options right down. All the way down to three inputs that could all work independently or in unison to give users exactly the experience they needed.


Handheld remote

Despite looking identical to our older 15-channel remote, the new multi-channel remote is just different enough under the casing to work with the new motors and the older ones that are out in the wild. It was a tough decision to do away with the single-channel option but we found many users who opted for it, would later require more channels when opting for more blinds at a later date.



As something of a smart home geek, I personally recommend the DreamHub to any customers or end-users looking at motorising their blinds. The one-off investment opens up a whole world of controls from smartphone operation to geo-fence based automation and everything in between. But beware, once you go smart, you’ll never want to go back. Learn more here.


Sun Sensor

Something of a wild card, and certainly not for everyone. The sun sensor can certainly work independently but should probably be considered a supplementary device to one or both of the other control options. In short, it reacts to varying levels of sunlight and opens/closes the ‘attached’ blind accordingly.



From the motors themselves through to their operation, our goal was to make the choosing, buying, installation and operation of all our motors or motorised blinds as simple as possible whilst future-proofing our customers and their clients for the ‘smart home revolution’ that is well underway. Even if your client doesn’t buy into it just yet, they can always upgrade their control devices in the future and their blinds will be ready.


Looking for more information? There’s a plethora of info I’ve omitted for the sake of brevity but, if you need more help, check out the link above for more product information or get in touch. The Customer Care Team here are the best in the business and will be happy to talk you through any bespoke solutions you’re looking to create.

Happy Motoring!