We’ve developed a new safety cord adjuster (also commonly called a toggle or an orb) in response to customer requests and it’s now in stock!

It’s been designed to be as user friendly as possible. You simply squeeze the cord adjuster, thread the cord through and release to clamp the cord in place, meaning that you can easily adjust your blinds when you’re manufacturing and fitting. It’s been tested to BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014; Clause for your peace of mind. ¬†We’ve included a wide ‘handle’ to make it easy to sew the safety device onto the blind, by sewing it on or even simply using a cable tie! You’ve got more than one way to sew it onto the blind too, so choose which way suits you best.

The safety cord adjuster is a great step forward for us and our customers with child safety. We haven’t stopped here though and will be continually innovating to come up with new safety devices going forward – watch this space!