Ormond is a roller blind fabric that provides protection and a clean, modern finish.

Thanks to an antimicrobial coating, it’s perfect for hospitals and other environments where surface hygiene is paramount.

Of course, such environments are subject to regular cleaning so Ormond has been built to withstand some pretty intensive cleaning practices without structural damage or loss of colour integrity. In fact, it’s been proven to hold colour when cleaned with 10% bleach solutions.

Five neutral colours to choose from:

Ormond Mist
Ormond Cream
Ormond Clay
Ormond Stone
Ormond Specifications

As part of the Capital Collection, Ormond has five modern neutral colours to choose from and is available in a stunning 3100mm width, making it an option for impressively large windows.

Learn more about Ormond’s antimicrobial properties here.

Download a digital copy of the Ormon spec card for more details, or order a hard copy to get a hands-on experience with the fabric samples.

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