The collection is made up of an extensive range of neutral and colourful plains, beautiful textures and stunning designs.

With over 190 fabrics, you can help your clients pick the right fabric for their space with coordinated colour arrangements to suit every interior design.

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Pleated Collection Book 2021

Collection book layout

The book has been designed to be customer friendly and easy to use. For easy browsing, the book is laid out in two sections:

Pleated Collection Book 2021Capella_ Gold_Dining Room_Pleated

On the left-hand side of the book is our performance fabrics displayed by range including:

– Hive fabrics

– Infusion asc pleated range

– Micro fabrics

– Pleated Blackout fabrics

– Recycled fabricsĀ 

Pleated Collection Book 2021Infusion asc Azure

On the right-hand side, the book is laid out by colour :

– White

– Greys

– Neutrals

– Blacks

– Yellows

– Blues and GreensĀ 

What’s new with Hive

This might just be our most impressive Hive & Pleated collection to date! So, what’s new?

Let’s start with our Hive plain range. We have increased our Hive Deluxe range to a total of 10 stylish colours. Look out for our new Celeste, Lemon, Mauve, Sage and Steel colours!

Hive Deluxe is also now offered as a blackout option and is available in 10 stunning colours from subtle neutral tones to brighter blues, greens and pink hues.

Infusion asc_JadePleated Collection Book 2021

New Hive Deluxe Blackout fabrics


Deluxe Blackout Dove


Deluxe Blackout Mauve


Deluxe Blackout Nutshell


Deluxe Blackout Onyx


Deluxe Blackout Oyster


Deluxe Blackout Rose


Deluxe Blackout Sage


Deluxe Blackout Sky


Deluxe Blackout Steel


Deluxe Blackout Swan

Hive textures

Textures are still very popular, so we’ve added more of these to our Hive cellular fabric offer.

Hive Telia is one of our newest cellular fabrics. This stunning fabric brings a soft subtle feel to your space, giving an elegant and stylish appearance. The fabric is available in 6 neutral colours.

Hive Gratia is also new to the collection and will add a touch of luxury to your clients home. Available in 4 stunning neutral colours.

Hive Texture FabricsHive_Silkweave_Blackout_Hills_

Say hello to Hive Designs

For the first time, our Hive Collection now includes patterned design ranges!


Hive Decadence Black


Hive Dolce Green


Hive Dolce Spice


Hive Envy Moonrock


Hive Idole Grey


Hive Idole Forest Green


Hive Muse Blue


Hive Muse Grey


Hive Muse Neutral

Hive Nirvana Black

What’s new in Pleated

Radiance asc, is a stunning metallic fabric available in Metallic Bronze, Atlantic Blue, Bright White and Pearl Grey.

Perla asc, a beautifully simple textured weave with a reflective backing that will keep your clients’ space cooler in warmer months.

Capella Gold and Silver is a stylish woven fabric with glitter yarns that will add a touch of luxury to your window shading designs.

Shadow Blackout, is our new range of colourful plain blackout fabrics available in 6 colours.

Pleated Collection

New patterns? We haven’t forgotten those. There are 3 new patterned ranges we’ve brought to the collection:

Pleated_Daze asc_NoirDaze asc_Noir_Kids Room_Pleate

Pleated Daze asc Noir

Pleated_Iconic asc_GreyIconic asc_Grey_Kitchen_Pleated

Pleated Iconic asc Grey

Pleated_Vita asc_AzureF+V-E08-Modern-Living-v03-Vita asc Azure

Pleated Vita asc Azure

Infusion of colour

Our Infusion asc range offers the perfect choice of colour to suit any residential or commercial space.

We’ve taken 5 existing colours and developed them into a new Infusion FR asc eco range that has been produced using yarn from recycled plastic. This range is not only fire retardant and eco-friendly, it now also comes in wider widths of 2050mm.

So we have 5 brand new, on-trend colours for you. Take a look below.

Infusion asc IvoryInfusion Collection
Pleated_Infusion asc_Sand

Infusion Sand

Pleated_Infusion asc_Tuscan

Infusion Tuscan

Pleated_Infusion asc_Fawn

Infusion Fawn

Pleated_Infusion asc_Cool Mint

Infusion Cool Mint

Pleated_Infusion asc_Soft Lilac

Infusion Soft Lilac

Going green

If that wasn’t impressive enough, for the first time – we have 4 new recycled pleated fabric ranges for you.

These fabrics have been made of yarn extracted from recycled plastic waste, their soft woven texture will enhance your pleated offering with a stylish look and help you to contribute to saving the environment.

Pleated_Argan asc eco

Pleated Argan asc ECO

Pleated_Cactus asc eco

Pleated Cactus asc ECO

Pleated_Hemp asc eco

Pleated Hemp asc ECO

Pleated_Shea asc eco

Pleated Shea asc ECO

If you have any more questions about our new Pleated Collection or any other pleated blind products like Motorised Pleated Blinds get in touch. Our Customer Care Team are the best in the business and will be happy to talk you through any design you’re thinking to build for your clients.

Pleated Collection Book 2021
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