Do you get clients with bi-fold doors or compact spaces and you struggle to find a blind option that fits? Then Perfect Fit and INTU Micro systems are a great solution for you.

Offering coherent appearance and amazing functionality, both systems are one of the best shading options available for conservatories, uPVC windows, tilt and turn opening windows and bi-fold doors. Both systems have been designed to snuggly fit and blend in with any window and door frame. Once fitted they appear as an integral part of the window.

So, what sets these products apart and which one is better for customers? We get asked that question quite often and now is the perfect time to describe the main differences between these two similar products.

But firstly, before I get on with the differences, let’s get some general knowledge about these two systems.

What are INTU Micro Blinds?

INTU Micro is a slimline system that accommodates tensioned Pleated Blinds with a smaller, 16mm pleat size. The blinds integrate fully into the window or door, no holes to drill, no screws to fix, the system is very easy to install and child safe due to no cords hanging down. INTU Micro blinds instead of having a four-sided frame, come with a headrail that sits on the face of the window at the top and a bottom bar that runs the length of the window inside two discreet side channels, which keeps the blind under constant tension.

  • Hardware colour

White, Brown and Anthracite.

  • Blind Type

Tensioned 16mm Pleated Blinds

  • Fabric

Due to its slimline design, the INTU Micro system can only be used in conjunction with smaller 16mm pleats which offers a limited choice of single-pleat and cellular micro fabrics.

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What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Our Perfect Fit system accommodates tensioned Pleated Blinds and Aluminium Venetian Blinds, giving a much wider range of colours and finishes to pick from than INTU Micro. A strong favourite for any fitting team as it doesn’t require any drilling to be installed. Similar to INTU Micro, the system integrates fully into the window or door, allowing the blind to operate as one with the opening. The system comprises a four-sided frame-based system with the blind pre-installed onto the frame that push-fits between the glass and rubber seal of uPVC window –  creating a neat and easy fixture.

  • Hardware colour

Anthracite, Black, Brown, Cream, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Matt, Grey and White.

  • Blind Type

Tensioned Pleated Blinds, Motorised Pleated Blinds (only with White and Anthracite frame colours) and Aluminium Venetian Blinds.

  • Fabric and slats

The Perfect Fit system is compatible with all 20mm single-pleat and cellular fabrics, and 15mm or 25mm aluminium Venetians. This means you’ll have hundreds of pleated fabrics and aluminium slats to pick from, so you can mix and match with 9 different frame colours, offering a modern and stylish solution to finish any space. Honeycell fabrics are also available but can only be used with White or Anthracite frames.

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What are the main differences between Perfect Fit and INTU Micro Blinds?

We’ve established the similarities. Both integrate fully into the window or door, no holes to drill, no screws to fix and child safe. Both of the products we offer come in a range of different hardware colours. So, what‘s the difference?

The frame

In short Perfect Fit blinds have a frame whereas INTU Micro blinds don’t. Sounds simple, but below I’ve gone into a little more detail to discuss the pros and cons of having or not having the frame.

One of the main advantages of the Perfect Fit frame is greater privacy. The frame overlaps the front of the fabric or slats allowing less light to filter through from the window. Without the frame, the edges of the fabric and slats are exposed. Aesthetically Perfect Fit may seem a more complete product, as the frame houses the blind neatly. I’d like to stress here that it could be subject to a customer’s personal preference as many of them will surely prefer the INTU Micro blinds due to the simple fact that they do away without the frame altogether. Less frame will take up less of their window.

Disadvantages of the Perfect Fit can include the trapping of dust in the bottom section of the frame. Being generally installed in conservatories and kitchens, they can be prone to collecting dirt and dead insects.

Another potential disadvantage is the noise the blind generates when it hits the frame. Installing the blind on a patio door and having the door open in a breeze can cause the blind to gently knock into the frame. This issue only applies to aluminium Venetian Blinds as Pleated Blinds would make very little or no noise whatsoever.

Variety of options

As mentioned before, INTU Micro system is available only with tensioned 16mm Pleated Blinds which gives you a much smaller range of options as there are only 15 different micro pleated fabrics that can be used with it. Additionally, this system comes only with 3 different hardware colours to match with window frames.  The fabrics, 11 single-pleat and 3 cellular options are available in plain and neutral colours. INTU Micro blinds will give you some variety and surely it’ll be enough for some of your clients. However, if they’re looking for a more in-depth selection, Perfect Fit blinds will give you hundreds of options to offer. Its frame gives much more space than INTU Micro components, therefore can be used with a huge range of tensioned or motorised 20mm Pleated Blinds and Aluminium Venetians. Available in 9 different frame colours, you’ll be able to mix or match them with an almost endless list of pleated fabrics and aluminium Venetian colours and finishes, helping your clients to design their space with a personal touch.

As a result, the main difference between the products is simply the frame and variety of options they come with. Subsequently, it comes down to your client’s personal tastes, but whichever system they will decide upon, they will find it extremely functional, easy to operate and child-friendly.

If you’d like to place an order or learn more about both systems, follow the links below. And, if you have any more questions, get in touch. Our team of experts is always happy to help.

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