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The Dream Range is a comprehensive collection of motorisation products designed to simplify the process of selecting the appropriate motor, controls, and accessories for your project. The range offers a variety of options to meet your specific requirements.

To begin, you need to determine the type and size of blinds you are working with. This information will help you identify the compatible motorisation solutions within the Dream Range. Once you have determined the specifications, you can discuss the power source and control options with your client to find the best fit for their needs.

The power source options in the Dream Range typically include wired and battery-powered motors. Wired motors require a direct electrical connection and are suitable for installations where power outlets are readily available. Battery-powered motors offer greater flexibility as they can be installed without the need for electrical wiring, but they require recharging.

In addition to the power source, the Dream Range provides a variety of control options. These can include remote controls, wall switches, or even integration with home automation systems using our DreamHub. The choice of control options depends on your client’s preferences and the level of convenience and automation they desire.

By utilising the Dream Range, you can easily navigate through the selection process and offer your clients a tailored motorisation solution for their blinds.

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