One of the most extensive ranges in the Capital Collection with a stunning array of 28 unique colours. Available at roll width of 2000mm and 10 at 3000mm.

Composition: 100% Polyseter

Shading: Standard

Roll Width: 2000mm and 3000mm

Blind Type: Rollers

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Anthracite, Apple, Azure, Black, Black Coffee, Blazing Yellow, Bleached Sand, Blue Curacao, Bright Cobalt, Bright Orange, Burned Orange, Burned Red, Cappuccino, Cement, Charcoal, Cherry, Chestnut, Clay, Claystone, Coffee, Cotton, Cream, Crystal Rose, Dark Denim, Dark Green, Dark Shadow, Flame, Formula One, French Vanilla, Fuchsia, Gold Fusion, Golden Olive, Golden Sand, Grass, Grey, Hint of Mint, Ice, Impala, Iron, Jaffa, Jet Set, Lime Stone, Lime Stone Grey, Limelight, Marine, Moon Rock, Moroccan Blue, Mosaic Blue, Moth, Night Shade, Oyster Grey, Paprika, Pastell Yellow, Plum, Red, Rich Gold, Rosewater, Safari, Shark, Sharp Green, Shell, Snow White, Spa Blue, Stone Wash, Straw, Strawberry, Sudan Brown, Terra, Twill, Vanilla, Violet Ice, White, Yellow


2000mm, 3000mm

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