Decorquip Loyalty Spares Box



Our Loyalty Spares Box does exactly what it says on the tin – houses a trove of spare components for your blinds of choice – Rollers, Romans or Verticals.

The box is a sturdy metal so you’ll want to keep hold of that and inside you’ll find nifty compartments, each filled with its little treasure – chains, joiners, mechanisms, even jelly beans – all the things that can come in handy in a pinch.  You can find the full list of box contents in the links below. 


Decorquip Loyalty Spares BoxDecorquip Loyalty Spares Box

Roller Blind Spares Box Contents

Roman Blind Spares Box Contents

Vertical Blind Spares Box Contents

The Spares Box is also our Loyalty Scheme grand prize reserved for the most loyal of customers. You can earn your Spares Box by collecting 10 shortbread biscuit tin lids.

Decorquip Loyalty Scheme – how it works. 

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Blind Type

Roller Blind Spares, Roman Blind Spares, Vertical Blind Spares

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