Dream 55mm Battery Motor

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Product Description

The Decorquip Dream 55mm Battery Motor is perfect for blinds up to 3500mm x 3500mm and the built-in lithium battery means that there are no unsightly wires or battery packs. They are also very easy on your customers' ears - they have a very low running noise of only 35db! As well as this they are compatible with all of our remotes.

Dream 55mm Battery Motor Specification

Control Type: Radio Remote
Limits: Electronic (set on remote)
Output Speed: 28 rpm
Rated Torque: 3 N.m
Rated Voltage: 12v
Rated Power: 25W
Rated Current: 1.9A
IP Protection Rating: 44
Lifting Capacity: 10.9kg
Maximum Size Of Blind (300gsm Fabric): 3500mm x 3500mm
Running Noise: 35db
Tube Size: 55mm
Smallest Blind Size Width: 900mm

The IP rating of an electrical item explains the level of protection it has against penetration by objects and water. An IP rating of 44 means that the motor is protected against hard objects larger than 1mm, and against water spray from all direction.