Elite Breakaway Mechanism 1:4 – pack of 50

SKU: 401629


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 £230.00
2 - 7 10.87 % £205.00
8+ 17.39 % £190.00


Elite Roman Breakaway Mechanism 1:4 is our latest, improved breakaway option for your Roman Blinds.

  • Built-in collar
  • Hook and loop strip both sides
  • Ring to thread cord closer to edge
  • Improved plastic quality

The 1:4 gear ratio allows users to handle the traditionally heavy fabrics found on most Roman blinds, with a lifting capacity of 10kg. As should be expected from any breakaway device, the chain will detach when a force of 6kg or more is applied to it.

What makes this breakaway device stand out is how easily a detached operating chain can be returned. With no components coming loose and nothing to unlock or open, users can confidently reinstate the chain themselves in less time than it would take to call you back to the site.


1:4 Geared Breakaway Mechanism for Roman Blinds


How to return a chain to the Roman 1:4 Geared Breakaway Mechanism

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