Eve MotionBlind 45mm Motor

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Smart window coverings powered by Eve MotionBlinds motors work with Apple HomeKit technology directly from your iPhone, without needing a bridge, registration, or any cloud dependency. Supported by Bluetooth and Thread, this is the most advanced and easy-to-use technology on the market. Designed for seamless smart home integration, this Eve MotionBlinds motor is available for 45 Roller Blinds, Double Roller Blinds and XL Roman Blinds, and gives you the flexibility of control: smart home, app, and remote.

The motor is supplied with a Crown, Drive, and End Plug Set to fit it into 45mm Roller Blind tube.

 Motor Specification









Motion Bracket Set


To build a roller blind powered by an Eve Motion motor use it in conjunction with Motion Bracket Set available in 7 different colours for that cohesive and stylish finish.




Learn more about Eve MotionBlinds here:


App, button and remote programming – all you need to know about how to set your Eve MotionBlind in a few simple steps.

Watch the video Setup & Programming Instructions here





Dimensions, controls, and accessories  – all you need to know to build a smart Roller Blind powered by Eve MotionBlinds motor.






The global smart home trend is reshaping the blinds industry. Our future-oriented approach with progressive innovations gives us, together with our partners, a head start toward the future of our industry. Don’t be left in the dust of competition – this is the introduction to smart window shading powered by MotionBlinds.

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