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Faux Wood Venetian Swatch


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Our new Faux Wood swatch contains three different ranges that offer the beautiful look of real wood with all benefits of PVC.

Made from the highest quality materials, the slats come in different colours and sizes. Combined with a wide range of accessories, the swatch can be a great tool to provide Venetian Blind solutions for any interior design.

Essence Range Faux Wood Slat Close up


With 15 colours to choose from in either a painted or wood effect, the Essence range is perfect for any space, residential or commercial.

All of our blinds are supplied using the popular 50mm slats and 38mm size tapes, whilst different cords and tape colours are available to choose from for that personal and unique touch.

Download and explore Essence slat colours here



Urban Range Faux Wood Slat Close up


Available in 7 contemporary colours, the Urban range is a truly modern collection for those who prefer a cleaner colour palette.

Available in 50mm slats with a wide range of cords and tapes to help you tailor finishing touches for any window.

Download and explore Urban slat colours here




Expressions Range Faux Wood Slat Close up


The Expressions range gives you the freedom to create your perfect Venetian blinds. Available in 13 colours, with 3 different slat sizes and multiple tape options so you can mix and match to suit your client’s style.

The blinds are finished with either a painted or wood effect.

Download and explore Expressions slat colours here




PDF Faux Wood Venetian Swatch

PDF Wood Venetian Swatch – Download

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