Rear Cord Barrel & Claw Safety Device – Pack of 100

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1 - 4 £30.00
5+ 16.67 % £25.00


Exclusively developed for Decorquip, this breakaway device is as innovative as it is simple.

The barrel is attached to the cord and sits under the claw until it is pulled down or away and returning it just takes a second.

Our Customer Natasha from Absolute Interiors kindly gave us some feedback on the rear claw device for Roman blinds!

I first stitch the top by propping it underneath my rod, this makes it easier to stitch into position and it ensures that all devices will be in the same position.   Then I stitch the bottom section just onto the lining or lining and interlining if using both, I am right handed so I stitch onto the left side of the device to make it easier to attach that section.

It does take a couple of extra minutes than the standard rings but since I have been using them approx 6 months you can see from my account how many I’ve used I’ve never had a call-back problem with them.  The callbacks were a real problem for me as they made me look unprofessional but thanks to this device no more callbacks! “

How to fit a Rear Cord Barrel & Claw Safety Device – Video


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