Screen Essential 5000 series 1%

SKU: SCR-5001



Screen Essential 5001 is a polyester based fabric with a tightly woven 1×1 basket construction and an openness factor of 1 %. The fabric comes in 6 natural colors and is available in a width up to 3 meters. Thanks to its tightly woven structure, screen Essential 5001 provides privacy and noise reduction while preserving an adequate view outside. The screen fabric is free of VOC’s, Phthalate, Formaldehyde and heavy metals and is safe for direct skin contact. Thanks to its anti-microbial protection coating, the growth of stains and bacteria is prevented.

Additional information

Dimensions 541745 cm

Chalk, Chalk Soft Grey, Charcoal Dark Bronze, Ebony, Soft Grey, White Linen


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