Sun Sensor

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Let your motorised blinds look after themselves.

Pair your Sun Sensor to a Dream motorised blind in a matter of seconds, fit it into the window with either the sticky pad or suction cup (both supplied) and leave it to operate the blind, reacting to the light intensity on that window at any given time.


Dream Sun Sensor – Instructions

Dream Range User Guide – Booklet



Sun Sensor has four light sensitivity settings: 15, 30, 45 and 60 kilolux. After detecting the light intensity on its window has been above or below your chosen level for two minutes, Sun Sensor instructs its blind to react accordingly.

Sun Sensor can be used alongside the DreamHub smart blind system, adding another layer of intelligence to your schedules, scenes, and routines.


Technical Specifications:

Input voltage: 3V(CR2032)

Transmitting frequency: 433.925MHz±100MHz

Transmitting power: 10 milliwatt

Operating temperature: -20c to 60c

Intensity level: 15-75kilolux

Transmitting distance: 200m open space, 35m via approx. two walls.

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