Waltham is a blackout fabric with a huge colour palette to choose from – perfect for bedrooms, or any other room that needs a blackout fabric. Some colours have a fantastic fabric width of 2800mm, meaning that they can be used for any size windows.

Composition: 100% Polyester

Shading: Blackout

Roll Width: 2000mm, 2800mm (some colours)

Blind Type: Rollers

Dimensions N/A

Anthracite, Apple, Beige, Black Coffee, Bleached Sand, Blue, Camel, Cement, Cherry, Chestnut, Clay, Coffee, Cream, Dream Blue, Dune, Ecru, Flame, Formlua One, Fuchsia, Gold Fusion, Grass, Grey Anthracite, Lime Stone, Limelight, Moth, Ocean, Orange, Plum, Red, Rich Gold, Rosewater, Sharp Green, Snow White, Vanilla, White, Yellow


2800mm, 2000mm

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