Real Wood Venetian Slats

Real wood venetian slats are made from basswood. Basswood is typically from North America and looks great thanks to its evenly textured grain – it’s used all over the world for a huge number of things, such as guitars, drums, canoes and, of course, venetian blinds. Being made from real wood affords this blind a few extra benefits that a faux wood blind doesn’t have. This includes being light-weight, adding window insulation and integral colour staining – which means the colour sits within the wood and is less likely to fade over time.

Our collection contains a range of 16 toned colours with slats at 35 & 50mm.

Paperbark Maple 35 & 50mm
Pure White 35 & 50mm
Silk White 50mm
Chalk White 35 & 50mm
Sirocco 50mm
Whitewash 50mm
Ecru 35 & 50mm
Mellow Pine 35 & 50mm
Papyrus 35 & 50mm
Maple Glow 35 & 50mm
Dark Pine 35 & 50mm
Valley Oak 50mm
Hot Chestnut 50mm
Dark Walnut 50mm
Steeple 50mm
Twine 35 & 50mm
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