Two areas have been identified as environments where persons are at greatest risk of self-harm: Mental health hospitals (including psychiatric wards in general hospitals), prisons and detention centres. In these areas, the incidence of self-harm by ligature has been a serious cause for concern. The anti-ligature brackets provide a highly effective means of greatly reducing the number of ligature anchor points in any given space, therefore, reducing the risk of self-harm. These load release brackets have become a go-to system to use in psychiatric institutions and prisons throughout the UK.

Anti-Ligature Snap-Out Brackets

Safety Snap-Out Face-Fix Bracket
Safety Snap-Out Top-Fix Bracket

We currently stock two types of anti-ligature brackets: SNAP-OUT TOP FIX BRACKET and SNAP-OUT FACE-FIX BRACKET. These easy-to-install and put-back-together brackets can be utilised to fix all types of window blinds in different fitting scenarios. Their simple property to snap apart when an abnormal load is applied makes them much cheaper than their magnetic counterpart yet as effective. The brackets are aimed at customers looking for a safe, professional and cost-effective solution to the inherent risk of personal self-harm within their establishments.

Loading figures

The brackets should never be regarded as a complete solution to attempted suicide however they are designed not to be able to withstand an unauthorised vertical load of 40kg with most test readings 15 – 30kg which depended on different configuration and positioning of the brackets. There’s a direct correlation between their optimal snap-out point and distance between the brackets, the smaller that distance the more resistance to load, therefore, we advise fitting the brackets with a minimum distance of 500mm between them.


As mentioned before fitting the brackets is very easy and they can be face or top-fixed which gives flexibility for different blind fitting scenarios. Simply put, the anti-ligature brackets provide a direct fix onto the wall with a standard window blind bracket attached to them. Correct fixing onto the wall is crucial here, the bracket must be fitted flush with the surface so there is no gap, otherwise, its purpose will get contradicted and turn it into another ligature anchor point. You can check out or download our anti-ligature fitting instructions here.

Face-Fix Fitting – Download instructions
Top-Fix Fitting – Download instructions


We’re in the window blinds market, so the blinds are the most obvious application here, however, the design of the brackets makes them a very versatile product. Since they can be used in conjunction with most of the standard brackets (not only for window blinds) their application goes beyond just the window shadings. For instance, coat and towel hooks, shower rails and showerheads, etc. Going back to window blinds, here is a list of blind types our anti-ligature brackets can be used for: Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds, Pleated Blinds and Curtains.

If you’re looking for a safe, professional and cost-effective solution to the inherent risk of self-harm our anti-ligature snap-out brackets are definitely a great choice and will not only help you to contribute to the reduction of self-harm risk but also make your product compliant with safety regulations in the NHS institutions and prisons across the country which in turn can help you win the big contract jobs.