Roman Blinds_Curtains

At Decorquip, we strive every day to make our operation – be it the distribution of components or the production of made-to-measure shading – as lean as possible in order to fulfil our mission of making buying blinds enjoyable.

With this ethos in mind, we are reshuffling our workshop in the new year and tightening our focus on our most popular products. This has meant that we have come to the difficult decision to cease production of Roman Blinds and Curtains at the end of this year.

Production of made-to-measure Roman blind headrails will continue, as will our distribution of Roman blind components, but we’re leaving the fabrics to you.



Production of made-to-measure Roman blinds and curtains, to any degree of quality, is expensive. Labour alone is a prohibitive cost with high quality handmade curtains taking hours of work each. This usually restricts production to passionate craftspeople who work for the love of their craft more than the income it generates, and operations much larger than ours – requiring significant investment in machinery, space, and skilled labour. With current labour shortages shrinking an already small talent pool, scaling up our workroom to meet demand wasn’t a viable strategy and would have left us open to the risk of disappointing our customers with subpar products or missed deadlines.

Market Pressures

We are the first to celebrate the quality of craftsmanship that has come from our workroom. Thanks to the talent of the team, we had built a loyal customer base in just a few short years. However, given the challenges of scalability mentioned above, we found ourselves regularly beaten on price.

Embracing great ideas

As the saying goes, we came to the conclusion that we sometimes have to say no to good ideas to embrace great ideas. Closing the section will free up resources and allow us to focus on what we’re really good at and getting great.

Before we ventured into producing made-to-measure Roman blinds, we only supplied Roman Heads as Headrails Only or as Complete Kits. And that is what we’re returning to. By eliminating the fabric element of production and the time spent on it, we can focus on providing you with products like our groundbreaking Roman XL system which allow you to integrate numerous roller blind motors into a Roman headrail.

What does the future hold?


Thankfully not. We are pleased to say that we retaining all of the workroom team members and integrating them into other areas of our workshop. Their skill and experience will certainly add depth to all of the teams they work with.


Right now, we are working closely with craftspeople across the UK to fill the gap so we can confidently point you in their direction if you’re looking for Roman blinds and curtains of the same quality you’ve come to expect from us.


If we’re talking about Decorquip doing what it does best, Roller blinds will certainly enter the conversation. Demand for our rollers is greater than ever and we’re making accommodations that will ensure we can maintain the quality you expect, on time, in full. We believe our focus on providing the shading of the future today – modern blinds that provide extra functionality and integrate seamlessly into their smart homes – puts us and our customers in good stead for the years to come.

We welcome any questions you may have so please get in touch. Email us, call us, or reach out on social media. We’re ready to address any concerns you may have.