Bring a new layer of privacy to your window shadings with a new kind of double roller fabric.

New to the 2020 edition of our industry-leading Double Roller fabric collection, Sandstorm is unique, even amongst double roller fabrics, for its combination of standard and extra-wide panels – a combination that provides more privacy and lighting options for your space.

From the open or closed configurations, adjusting your shade an inch closes off the lower tier of your window only, leaving light to filter in through the open upper tier above – perfect for urban locations with high footfall in close proximity.

In this privacy configuration, the wider panels overlap the standard ones behind them, even while those above are perfectly aligned in the open configuration.


Switch between the open, closed and privacy configurations in a second  and make your double roller blinds work for you and your space.

Sandstorm is available in four stylish colours, each available in the short, medium or long variants.

Give clients an up close demonstration of Sandstorm and the many other double roller fabrics available from Decorquip with our Double Roller Fabric Collection.

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