So, I was perusing through our old videos for a little inspiration. Since the pandemic hit, our ability to shoot the video that we know you love has been brought to a halt. One video I came across was one that is now three years old and starring yours truly…

In the video I explain how saving up and sending back 10 of the lids from your bonus biscuits could earn you one of the famous Decorquip spares boxes. So far, so familiar.

However, something that is probably less known (and I guess that has to be chalked up to me too!) is the fact that we expanded the range of products that are now available as rewards. It began when some of our most loyal customers started making us aware that there are only so many spare parts anyone could ever need. Fair point.

Always keen to listen to our customers, we decided that as well as a spares box, customers could also choose any one of our Point of Sale products – be it one of our handy little Venetian slat selectors or the somewhat gigantic Roman Blind & Curtain Collection – as their reward for the ten qualifying orders.

We’ve all been through the wringer over the last year and, thankfully, there appears to be an end in sight – just a few months to go before you can resume face-to-face operation with clients. So, be sure to put those lids away somewhere safe. In no time at all, you could be wowing clients with the sleek roller fabrics, setting Roman blind and curtain pairings, or explaining how a double roller blind works!

My personal recommendation would have to be the Capital Fascia Presentation Case. Having the case full of tangible samples of what clients could finish their shading with is a powerful selling tool that any blind or curtain seller will benefit from.

As for the old videos, it won’t be long now before Marcin & myself can get back to producing content that can help to understand, sell or even fit our products. Your patience is appreciated.

For more info on the reward scheme or how to trade in your lids, feel free to get in touch.