The Senses vertical system is not new to the market and has been around for quite a while. So, what’s the big deal all of a sudden? Well, first of all, we have never promoted it really. And, second, with the recently upgraded  Decorquip Classic Vertical Blind Fabric Collection and Capital Collection we’re finally ready to offer Senses Verticals at their full potential and help to make your vertical blind stand out.

The Senses headrail system is a premium product available in 6 colours including white, cream, black, silver, gunmetal and bronze. Combining them with corresponding endcap and control wand colours gives that high-end feel to the blinds and makes them, at the same time, an attractive option to offer to the most discerning of your clients and a chance to explore the residential side of the market for vertical blinds. It’s fair to say that for the functionality, this system works exactly the same as the classic, though its high-end appearance makes all the difference.

Available as a made-to-measure product, the Senses vertical system comes with two control options: chain for standard operation or wand for convenience and safety. Another benefit of the system is the convenience of its installation. Accommodating top clip brackets for top and face fixing, fitting is almost the same as its classic equivalent and will be an easy job for whoever is fitting the blinds.

Fabric Collections

Try out a fabric from our new Decorquip Classic Vertical Blind Fabric Collection that contains over 300 different fabrics and gives a comprehensive range to offer customers – plains, patterns, dimouts or blackouts.

Or, combine the Senses vertical headrail with the Capital Collection fabrics and, you’ll find it much easier to bring vertical blinds to modern residential and commercial spaces.