As an independent trade supplier, we want to be your best business partner and we believe that our excellent reputation for customer service and reliability is core to achieving that.

To prove our service record, we’re sharing our NPS (Net Promoter Score), testimonials, and live survey feedback from our customers.

Survey Feedback

As standard, we offer all customers the opportunity to offer us feedback at almost every touchpoint, from the provision of a quote through to the generation of invoices, and even during resolution of complaints. Customers are invited to provide a rating of 0-10 on the NPS platform and to let us know what they think of us, our products, and our service. Good or bad! We review every submission and use it all to feed our passion for continuous improvement. That’s why we don’t receive complaints but VLPs or Valued Learning Points.

Live Survey Stream

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NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer loyalty based on a single survey question: “How likely are you to recommend us?” Respondents rate from 0 to 10. NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. It can seem unforgiving and sets the bar very high but is a powerful tool for understanding customer sentiment. The NPS calculation involves categorising respondents into three groups:

Promoters: Those who provide ratings of 9 or 10

Passives: Those who provide ratings of 7 or 8

Detractors: Those who provide ratings of 6 or lower

This means that only ratings of 9 or 10 positively affect an organisation’s NPS and ratings of 6 or lower negatively affect it. Typically, this results in an NPS of 0 being considered ‘good’.

Our NPS Year to Date April 2024


“They make everything a whole lot easier.”

Nelson, End User
“The roll of the blind, and the motor, is not visible because it’s hidden by the fascia.”
John, End User

“One of the best companies that we deal with.”

Ian, Customer

“Good company to deal with with a good range of products. The Capital Fascia range is my main area of sales as it offers something no one else does.”

Marc, Sep. 2021

“Tanya and the whole service was excellent. And, I’ve discovered a product that is really going to help me provide better blinds to my clients – the only place I found different mechanisms for Roman Blinds.”

Eva, Aug. 2021

“It took two remakes to resolve the issue, but as always it was carried out in a professional manner. You are the only Blind company I deal with because I’m always happy with your service & quality. You do make mistakes from time to time as we all do, but your staff always sort it a well-spoken and professional way. Keep up the good work Decorquip.”

Russell, Jul. 2021

“Efficient and great products. Your motorised range is hard-wearing, has longevity and is easily connected to tech.”

Jane, Jun. 2021

“To say these folks go out of their way to help, especially when little seems straightforward, is no exaggeration. The extra mile is no trouble for them.”

John, Nov. 2020

“I do not order much from you but you’re very helpful every time I do.”

Janet, Oct. 2020

“Decorquip resolved my issue extremely speedily without question which I really appreciated. This enabled me to give the quality of service I expect to be able to give to my customers.”

Jo, Sept. 2020

“You have been amazing considering the Covid crisis! Liked the blinds that much that I ordered another one for my other bedroom! They’re all up now and I’m delighted. Thanks so much!”

Gillian, July 2020