What a testimonial!

Hi Darrell

Just a quick note regarding the reception I receive every time I call or visit Decorquip.

I speak to many companies every day as both customer and supplier, the responses I receive vary enormously from company to company, who I speak to and whether I’m buying or selling, the time of day, phase of the moon etc.

By contrast my experiences of Decorquip are radically different your people are always:

Polite. Always extremely polite both on the telephone and in person
Equal. I always feel I am talking to an equal and being treated like one
Never subservient and never insincere
Stakeholders. I always feel I am talking to some who owns the business
Caring. Always get the feeling that the people I speak to care about everything, work, life, family etc.
Responsible. People take responsibility for messaging, problem solving, helping and resolution.
Fun. Humour goes a long way, your people are quick to smile and laugh.
Passionate. I have always admired your reception displays, every time I have shared that with anyone in Decorquip I see their pride in your company’s products as they engage and take the conversation forward.
Smart. sorry bit personal but I particularly like the style and colours of the work wear you issue.

Recent Site Visit
Recently I collected a Volvo from your site, as I was about to leave (standing waiting for the car to be brought round) at the same time you had large lorry delivery and one of your people was waiting with a forklift to unload, the guy spotted me, spoke to me and without any suggestion from me moved the lorry to save me waiting. Thank you, most people just don’t do that and would have kept me waiting!

Thank you for providing such great experiences.