As Darrell says, we’ve crunched some numbers and we reckon that a return site visit costs, on average, £60.  So if you’re doing 50 orders a month, and you’re having a 20% mistake rate from your suppliers (this is realistic based on feedback we’ve recieved) then return site visits could cost you £600/month!  

That’s why we’ve introduced our wow vow.  Our service promise is to get every order right, first time, on time, every time.  And if we muck up (after all, we are human), then our wow vow is there to help you out – you choose how much you pay!

Think – what could you do with all that time – or that £600?

We would love to be your supplier of choice, so take a look at our range and see where we could help you!   Download a digital version of our new catalogue or request your hard copy with the buttons below!