Why use Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are lightweight, semi-transparent fabrics. These allow the sunlight to pass through them which keeps your room well lit with natural light, yet still maintaining a level of privacy. The light is diffused and distributed into your room to give a soft and elegant look and feel which will also help protect your furnishings and paintings from UV light.

Do you want to know more? Pete has more answers for you in the video.

 Check out our Top 3 of CAPITAL COLLECTION sheer fabric ranges:


If you’re looking to gently filter the light coming into your home, then Trafalgar is a perfect option. This collection of fabrics will help you to provide a magical atmosphere, taking advantage of a striking array of 36 colours.


It’s an ultra-transparent fabric that will allow light to gently filter into an area. Kensington fabrics will help you to create contemporary, light-filled spaces with a liberating atmosphere. Its subtle textured finish spreads across 14 fashionable colours to give you a variety of options to produce a natural look and feel.



Belgravia FR is a sophisticated and subtle option that provides daytime privacy without sacrificing natural light. Fire-retardant properties make it a practical solution for residential and commercial spaces.


Our Capital Collection consists even more  sheer and voile fabrics. Take a look through our signature collection that was curated to provide the most discerning of users with a selection of high-quality fabrics for their roller and vertical blinds. All fabrics in the collection are available wholesale for you to manufacture your own blinds and as part of our made-to-measure offering. In fact, a Capital Collection fabric can now be found in the majority of our made-to-measure orders.