Ormond is antimicrobial fabric resistant to bacteria and aggressive cleaning methods without fading colour which makes it a perfect choice to create healthy indoor spaces. Its antimicrobial protective coating helps to prevent the growth of stains, odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew. Furthermore, Ormond Clay is also free of PVC which means that it’s safe in direct contact with skin.


PROPERTIES: Antimicrobial, Fire Retardant

BLIND TYPE: Roller Blind

ROLL WITDH: 3100mm


SHADING: Standard




Additional information


The fabric may be treated with selected disinfection and cleaning additives. Non-oxidizing cleaning agents may be applied according to the manufacturer´s guidance by spraying or wiping. Due to the variety of different commercial substances, pre-tests should be done at a non-visible area in advance to prevent optical changes. Good experiences have been made using disinfectants based on BenzylAlkyldimethylammoniumchlorides such as Mikrobac® forte by Hartmann AG or active ingredients based on Phenoxyethanol, Aminopropyldodecylamine and Benzalkoniumchloride such as Incidin® Pro by Ecolab.


The fabric treated with a biocide is protected from undesirable bacterial and fungal infection. The active agent biocide explicitly protects the material and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, in other words, it has bacteriostatic and fungistatic effects. The finished article is not a biocidal product that requires authorisation; the active agent used has been officially approved. The Biocides Regulation must be taken into consideration when the product is placed on the market.
Antimicrobial according to AATCC 30 and 147 without the use of silver ions. The two components used for the antimicrobial properties are 2-Octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-on (OIT) and zinc-pyrithione.


Clay, Cream, Mist, Stone, White


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