We know that a major pain facing the industry is the lost cost of return visits to site when a supplier has let you down. It costs time, money, fuel, and damages your reputation. That is why we have been leading the way with our revolutionary service; Wow Vow.

WowVow Text

We promise to get your orders right first time, on time (unless we’ve told you about a delay), every time. If we don’t, then our wow vow is there to ease your pain – you choose how much you pay for the affected blinds or components. It covers anything within our control – starting from when we process an order, to the time it leaves us. The only things it doesn’t cover is anything out of our control – for example, if the order is misrouted or delayed by the carriers, or if we’re knee-deep in water because of a flood, or we’re battling fire with our watering cans, or an international crime network decides that they want to steal your parcel etc. – you get the idea!

We are empowering you to be more efficient, more profitable and less stressed. Not only can you rely on Decorquip to provide you with industry-leading reliable service but, if we do get anything wrong, you and your business won’t take the hit.

Get in touch today to discuss how you can benefit from our Wow Vow.